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                               Our Aloe Vera drinks contain an exceptionally high percentage of Aloe Vera and natural                        ingredients like cane sugar and fruit juice. The result is a healthy thirst-quencher for any time                      of the day. Super delicious and chock full of vitamin C!


     For our drinks we only use Aloe Vera leaves that are four years old: the age at which the plant reaches its peak of biological activity. This makes Tropical Aloe Vera rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. It also promotes healthy digestion, and it's gluten-free!


Many surprising flavours!

Tropical Aloe Vera drinks are available in many flavours, including Natural, Pomegranate, Lemon, Mango, Peach, Apple, Strawberry, Grass and 'Thai Taste' with honey.


Unique Sale Proposition for our Aloe Vera drinks:

Original contains 30% Aloe Vera

Packed with vitamin C

Natural ingredients such as cane sugar

Colour and extra flavour from real fruit

Good for digestion


Suitable for vegetarians


IC Aloe AW.jpg
aloe natural.png
aloe grass.png
aloe pomegr.png
aloe mango.png
  • High % of fresh Aloe Vera juice and pulp ONLY –no powder

  • Aloe vera from the Barbadensis Miller variety

  • Natural coloursfrom fruit juices (no artificial colours)

  • No artificial preservatives

  • Non GMO

AloeVera in 240ml aluminium cans

Handy packaging for Horeca, Vending machines etc

Aloe tetra.png
Aloe can.png

AloeVera Natural in Tetra pack

1 LITER Tetra pack in a quitesimilarcolour pack as theoriginalbottle


Unique selling points:

  • No pulp 

  • 40% AloeVera juice 

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