Fancy a robust drink, but it's too hot for coffee? Have one of our delicious ice coffees! Made from specially selected South American coffee beans for a deep aroma and invigorating effect!


Uncompromising quality, ultimate taste

After extensively fine-tuning all processes and recipes, and in collaboration with experienced coffee connoisseurs it was achieved the ultimate taste experience. All our ice coffees are made from strong coffee beans. The end result is real ice coffee, full of flavour and energy!


The range of products:

Ice Coffee Original

Ice Coffee Vanilla

Ice Coffee Mocha

Ice Coffee Cappuccino

Ice Coffee Blue Mountain Flavour


We also have the Latte series.


Content - tins 240ml

Tins per case - 24

Cases per pallet - 108

Tins per pallet - 2,592

Cases per container - 2,850

Tins per container - 68,400

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