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Lac Extra.png

Premium beer brewed from pure barley malt and noble Spalter Select aroma and Brewer’s Gold bitter hops. Distinguished by a colour of pure gold, a strong foam head and rich aroma and flavour. We would not be lying if we called it the pride of our brewery. In 2014 was awarded the Superior Taste title by the International Quality Institute in Brussels. Contains 5.4% alcohol, available in 0,5L cans and glass bottles.


Lac Izur.png

This beer is the result of special recipe and craftsmanship. Caramel malt „CaraAmber“ awards this beer with rich golden color and light sweetness, while the mix of aromatic hops „El Dorado“, „Brewer‘s Gold“ and „Select“ grants the exclusive aroma. However, time is what magically enriches this beer and makes it truely unique. Instead of usual for lagerstwo weeks maturation, Lacplesis Izturets is given four. Additional maturation turns this beer to incredibly rich and unforgettable smooth taste experience.


Lac Dzin.png

There is nothing the glimmering amber colour of this beer could be mistaken for – obtained through the use of caramel malt. Characterized by a light yet distinct flavour and aroma – small wonder this is one our most popular beers.
In 2014 gained the recognition of international beer experts at the World Beer Cup in the USA, bringing home bronze despite competing against 5000 other beers, as well as taking gold at prestigious European Beer Star competition in Munich, Germany among more than 1600 competitors. Brewed using barley malt and dual use Perle and bitter Magnum hops. Contains 4.8% alcohol, available in 0,568L cans, 0,5L glass bottles, as well as 1,5L PET bottles.


Lac Gai.png

Thanks to its balanced flavour, golden colour and delightfully light aroma, Gaišais can take pride in being our most popular beer. Brewed using bitter Magnum hops and barley malt. Contains 5.0% alcohol, available in 0,568L cans, 0,5L glass bottles, as well as 1,5L PET bottles.


Stab Dizal can.png

It is Dižalus that can proudly call itself our strongest beer. However, a carefully selected malt body combined with bitter Magnum hops allows us to create a balanced taste and aroma. That is why this beer is still refreshing and easy to drink. Contains 7,3 % alcohol, available in 0,5L cans.


Stab Bez can.png

Authentic light beer taste and a balanced malt and hop aroma, characterized by a clear gold colour, while containing 0% alcohol. A special brewing technique, using a balanced blend of barley malt and bitter Magnum hops, allows us to create a beer fit for every occasion. Available in 0,5L cans.



Stab Ipa.png

Staburags Special is a light beer, brewed from 100% bio hops*. Staburags Special beer prides itself on a beautiful golden colour and a delightful freshness. It has a moderately sweet, well-rounded bready aroma that combines with a pleasant malty flavour.
It carries medium notes of biologically grown hops. This beer is gluten free.
A masterpiece of the Lāčplēsis brewers. A beer wherein its rich flavour reflects both the beauty of the Staburags cliff, as well as the freshness of its springs.

*Quantity of Bio hops - 0,24% of all dry ingredients. 


Stab Balt.png

The Staburags white beer drink is intricately produced using wheat beer, brewed in accordance with traditional recipes, and other ingredients of utmost quality. It opalesces with smoky golden shades, and its flavour is special for the tempting scents of peach and citrus fruits. The fruity sweetness in the soft taste of this drink is balanced by a slight touch of bitterness, turning this drink into a true elixir of freshness and enjoyment. Like the first gale of spring along the riverside of Daugava, it reminds us of the unique treasures of our nature, including the memorable Staburags Cliff.


Stab Tums.png

Staburags dark beer is brewed following traditional Latvian recipes, using top-quality ingredients. It gleams with deep shades of black, and its flavour bears prominent notes of burnt malt. Its thick honeysweet taste is complemented by the bitterness of fried malt. Dark like a deep night above the waters of River Daugava, this beer reminds us of the wealth of our nature, including the unforgettable Staburags Cliff.


Stab Ipa.png

Staburags lager beer is intricately brewed following traditional Latvian recipes, using top-quality ingredients. It gleams with scarlet gold shades, and its taste features a slight touch of bitterness to complement the honeysweet flavours of the noble Munich malt. This beer evokes the thoughts of the Sun rising above the bluff riversides of Daugava and the unforgettable sight of the Staburags Cliff.


Stab Bez.png

Staburags non-alcoholic beer shimmers in tones of gold and its flavour denotes nuances of roasted malt, supplemented by a spicy flower aroma. This light beer has an unforgettably smooth palate, balanced by a bitter finish.
To make the taste of this beer, our tribute to the Staburags cliff, available to everyone at any time, the Lāčplēsis brewers created a Staburags that contains no alcohol. A non-alcoholic masterpiece from the Lāčplēsis brewers.






Lielvardes Light is brewed in small volumes and has a relatively short shelf life. This line is brewed using top fermentation yeast and higher temperatures, giving the beer a rich taste and a more pronounced aroma. We are honored to renew centuries-old and brewing traditions of many masters.


From Vol. - 5.4%.  

Bitterness - 22 IBUs

Recommended t ° - 5-7 ° C

Hops - Magnum

Color - 12 EBC





Lielvarde's Dark Brewing uses four different caramel malt which lightens its taste with mild sweetness, while Hallertau's hops give it a mild bitterness. This line is brewed with top fermentation yeast and higher temperatures, which gives the beer a richer flavor and a more pronounced aroma. We are honored to renew centuries-old sun-brewing traditions perfected by many masters.


From Vol. - 5.8%

Bitterness - 14 IBUs

Recommended t ° - 8-10 ° C

Hops - Magnum

Color - 85 EBC





Light golden color. Slightly malted aroma, airy foam hat. Refreshing taste.


From Vol. - 5%

Bitterness - 15 IBUs

Recommended t ° - 5-7 ° C

Hops - Bitter

Color - 15 EBC





Lielvardes black currant stout is a highest quality beer made by traditional technology, enriched with high quality black currant juice. It is an intensely dark beer with a fresh blackcurrant aroma, a bitter-sweet taste and a hint of lightly roasted malt and blackcurrant. This beer will delight lovers of sweet and expressive beer.


From Vol. - 5.4%

Bitterness - 15 IBUs

Recommended t ° - 4-6 ° C

Hops - Bitter

Color - Blackcurrant






How to create a cherry-inspired masterpiece? Combining Belgian wisdom of brewing, the traditional top fermentation of Lielvarde beer, carefully selected ingredients and patience. This is what we have preserved to this day to create Cherry Kriek.

Cherry Kriek is a traditional line enriched with high quality and aromatic cherry juice. The pronounced burgundy color, the persistent foam, the seductive cherry aroma and the taste - this is what Lielvarde brewers can be proud of.


Bitterness - 5%

Recommended t ° - 4-6 ° C

Hops - Magnum

Color - Red

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