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Having started its operations in 1997, today the Bella is the largest food producer in Bulgaria and a leading representative of the food industry in Southeast Europe. 

It owns commercial structures in Greece and Romania. Its portfolio contains over 200 products (pastry products, meat products, margarine & oils, cheese and yellow cheese) manufactured under its own and private brands in 9 processing plants with a production capacity of 350 tons per day. Their products can be found at the table of consumers in Europe, Australia, America, and the Middle East.



We offer a rich portfolio of pastry products in different categories and price segments

  • puff pastry

  • pastry sheets

  • dough, puff dough 

  • pizza dough, cakes dough

  • filo pastry

  • pulled pastry on hot plate

  • pastry for cakes

  • prepared pies with different sizes and fillings

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We offer a wide portfolio of meat products in different categories and price segments

  • frankfurters, franks and sausages

  • meat delicacy, delicacies with chunks of meat

  • flat sausages, lukanka, sushenitsa, jerked meat and sazdarma

  • salami, screw salami, perishable salami, non-perishable salami, boiled salami, smoked salami, raw-dried salami, Veal, Hamburg and Kamchia salami

  • ham, round ham

  • pates

  • mince, minced meat and minced meat products.

Margarine & Oil

Margarines and spreadable products processed by BELLA (brands of BELLA and TOMMI) are with high quality and do not consist hydrogenated fats – main source of trans fats. 

We offer various types of oil products:

  • butter

  • margarine

  • spreadable products (spreads)

  • oil

  • frying oil

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Other Products

We offer mashed potatoes, frozen vegetables and other products in correspondence to our clients' needs. 

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