Cookies With Chocolate

Cookies double chocolate 150g, 30g

Cookies chocolate chips 150g, 30g

Freshly baked, taste like homemade, aroma, crispy and delicious

For all of you who love Cookies is our proposal, Karmela cookies - quality ingredients for superior products

Crispy cookies with chocolate chips and hazelnuts

It is often said that coffee needs cookie and we agree with that. Aroma hot drink and tasty delicious cookie ... What a nice start of the day - Karmela cookies with 32% Belgian chocolate chips - Great! Delicious and crunchy!

Net Weight - 150g, 30g
Pieces in display box - 6 (30g)
Pieces in carton - 24
Net Weight carton - 3.6kg, 4.32kg
Cartons on Pallet - 80



Biscuits Rhythm 110g

- multigrain mix

- oatmeal

- muesli

Feel the rhythm of your internal body.
Biological clock determines the rhythm of our body in which it can work sleep and rest. Do not ignore it, follow it and comply with it.

Non-coated biscuits Rhythm - Good start of the day!
Balanced composition of proper nutrition- healthy and tasty, rich in healthy ingredients - OAT MEAL, MUESLI and FIBRES
Tempting, delicious and healthy!

Balanced composition for proper nutrition:
NO hydrogenated oils
NO artificialcolorings
NO preservatives
NO artificial sweeteners

Created to pleased all fans of this tempting crispy biscuits.

Net Weight - 110 g
Pieces in carton - 24
Net Weight carton - 2.64 kg
Cartons on Pallet - 84



Biscuits Petit Beurre 200g

- classic

- butter

- integral

Petit Beurre biscuits.You can eat them alone or add a jam, chocolate or cream.

A delicious breakfast or just something to eat anytime.



Net Weight - 200 g

Pieces in carton - 16

Net Weight carton - 3.2 kg

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