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        Eko-Vit was established in 2001 in a process of acquiring the AMT company, which was created in 1992. We were one of the first European companies producing energy drinks on private labels. In the beginning, our clients came from Poland, but after joining the European Union in 2004 we began the ongoing development of our presence on international markets. Thanks to the easier trade conditions facilitated by the EU and based on Poland's growing position as a business partner, we've managed to dynamically grow in Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Americas.

Acquiring new clients lead to the development of new products and new production technologies, new filling lines were built, warehouse space was enlarged.

Our products are currently available in more than 60 countries on 6 continents. We've gained the trust of small importers as well as big market chains. We are happy to produce beverages for emerging markets and for highly developed ones. 


Great physical exertion and stressful work have the same effect - they lower efficiency and cause physical as well as mental tiredness. How can that be avoided? The answer is very simple - Energy Drinks.

Energy drink:

* provides energy and stimulation for intense exertion

* improves concentration and ability to react

* provides essential vitamins

* speeds up the process of removing toxic substances produced during strenuous exercise



In this broad category you may find beverages based on natural ingredients, sport beverages, lemonades, or tea extract beverages. This is also where you will find one of our newest additions: BCAA drinks, which help lose weight and build body muscles.


We are offering fruit drinks and kids drinks. This is our proposition for clients searching for an exceptional combination of great taste and high quality.

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