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Maspex is the largest private Polish company in the food industry  and

one of the largest in Central and Eastern Europe.

They are a distinct leader on the market of juices, nectars, and beverages in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and the leading manufacturer in Hungary, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Latvia.

They are also a leading manufacturer of instant products in Central and Eastern Europe.

Maspex is also a leader on the market of pasta, jams and sauces and a leading producer in the segment of ketchup, ready meals and vegetable preserves in Poland.

The company is also a leading player on the Romanian water market.


Tymbark is not only a strong sales leader on the juice, nectar, and beverage market in Poland but also a brand that Polish consumers trust exceptionally well and that they most willingly recommend to their relatives.



Kubuś is the leader in the category of juices, nectars, drinks and mousses for children in Poland, as well as in Romania, Russia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It enjoys the unwavering trust of parents and children – it offers the most popular products in its category.


DrWitt is a juice, drink and vitamin water for consumers for whom a healthy lifestyle is important. These products are unique thanks to enrichment with vitamins and minerals that support the proper functioning of the body.

Vitamin fortified juices and drinks are available in 6 beloved flavours linked to specific functions:  Beauty, Metabolism, Vitality, Antioxidation, and two flavours for Immunity. 



Nestea is a perfect combination of the taste of tea and fruit. Non-carbonated tea drinks, low calorific value, no preservatives or artificial additives.

A total of three flavours are available in four packaging variants: in bottles of larger and smaller capacities, in cans, and for the HoReCa industry, we also offer Nestea peach and lemon in 0.2l glass bottles. Maspex also offers Nestea products on the Romanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Czech, Slovakian and Baltic markets.


Caprio is the market leader in the category of economic drinks in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. These are fruit drinks that are very popular and highly appreciated, especially among consumers who are looking for products that combine high quality with affordable prices. These are products without preservatives with the taste of carefully selected and juicy fruit. 



TIGER is an energy refreshing drink that will awaken the power of the Tiger in everyone. Thanks to its high content of caffeine, taurine and B vitamins, TIGER Energy Drink offers just the right dose of reinforcement. It helps you to achieve more – to win at work, in sport and in play.


Lubella is the clear leader on the pasta market in Poland and a recognized producer of cereal products, including flakes, flour, groats and salty pretzel sticks. The brand is also known in other European countries such as Lithuania, Latvia, Great Britain, Iceland and Macedonia.

Caring for the highest quality and unrivalled taste has been a tradition for almost 140 years.



Łowicz is a family of fruit and vegetable products. 

The Łowicz brand has in its portfolio a whole range of fruit products (jams and jams with reduced sugar content, 100% fruit jams and Extra Smooth 100% fruit jams, ChocoJams, syrups and Śliwkoweg Plum Preserves), tomato products (concentrates, puree, passata and tinned tomatoes), ready meals (classic Polish dishes in a jar, Kociołek do syta, Kaszotto, Risotto).


Krakus is a leader on the market of cucumbers, soups and soup concentrates. The brand has been famous for its excellent preserves for over 50 years and is appreciated for its refined, carefully composed recipes and for its taste and key attributes – crunchiness, aroma, and colour. It calls up positive associations with tradition. Krakus has a rich export history which distinguishes it from other processing brands. Due to its high quality, consumers choose Krakus for special and unique occasions, especially holidays.



Kotlin is a modern brand with a rich tradition. Its origins date back to the interwar period. Currently, in the consciousness of consumers it functions as a modern brand with a sense of humour and distance, identified with high-quality products prepared from tomatoes. Kotlin is ranked among the most popular ketchup on the market – it is perceived as an expert in tomato products.


DecoMorreno is the classic Polish traditional cocoa – its logo, a windmill, is inseparably connected to and associated with the brand. The intense cocoa flavour, strong aroma and deep dark colour are the attributes that define its highest quality.

DecoMorreno is a definite leader in the traditional cocoa category in Poland. The brand’s products also include hot chocolate and chocolate drinks. 

In foreign markets, DecoMorreno chocolate drinks are sold under the La Festa brand, achieving the position of a strong leader in Romania, Ukraine, Hungary and Russia.



Puchatek, as a leader in the category of instant drinking cocoa, is one of Poland’s most famous and valued children’s brands.  The product contains minerals such as calcium, zinc and magnesium and 10 vitamins, all of which are extremely important when it comes to a child’s proper development

This cocoa, sold under the Brumi brand, is enjoyed by children in countries such as Romania, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine and Russia.


Cremona is a strong leader and expert in the powdered coffee creamer category. Cremona perfectly softens the flavour of coffee, making everyday moments much more enjoyable. Cremona’s unique creamy flavour and excellent solubility gives the coffee a smooth and velvety texture. The brand’s equivalent in other countries is Coffeeta which has a strong position in its category in Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary and Ukraine.



Ekland is an excellent tea drink with an intense, fruity flavour in a convenient package, enriched with fruit juice and vitamin C, and is preservative-free. It can be prepared both cold and hot. The unique Ekland Junior drink contains an additional formula of 10 vitamins, only natural fruit extracts and natural food colouring.

Ekland is the undisputed leader in the category of soluble tea drinks in Poland, but it also has a very strong market position in countries such as Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, Albania and Uruguay.

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