Sokolow is one of the largest meat producers in Central and Eastern Europe and one of the industry leaders in Poland. Thanks to many years of consistent and effective activities, the SOKOŁÓW brand has become the best-known and top-selling meat brand in Poland. 

The company has modern 8 production plants located in Sokołów Podlaski, Koło, Robakowo, Dębica, Czyżewo, Jarosław, Tarnów and Osie, as well as 4 subsidiary companies: Sokołów Logistyka, Sokołów Service, Agro Sokołów and Gzella Net. 

The current Sokołów S.A. shareholder is an international Danish Crown group - the biggest meat exporter in the world and the largest meat processing company in Europe.



Delicious meat is our passion. Every day we bring to you fresh poultry, beef, pork and veal. We are convinced that the quality in the meat industry can only be achieved through a combination of modernity and security, provided by highly qualified specialists. That is why we focus on cooperation with Polish farmers enabling us to control meat at every stage of production.



Every day we produce approx. 1,200 tons of high-quality meat products. We are constantly developing our offer, so that the products that reach your table have a chance to conquer the palates of all the members of your family. We are passionate about creating flavours and looking for new culinary solutions. Concern for exceptional taste is for us as important as the high quality of the ingredients used to prepare our products


Knowing that you often lack the time to prepare meals from scratch, we offer you the highest quality ready meals. Developing a product range is our element! We recreate flavours that our consumers have loved since forever, and we are looking for non-obvious connections for those who like culinary experiments. We combine current consumer needs with our inspirations in a creative way, offering products full of flavour.



Good food and childhood flavours - are they important to you? Here, in Sokołów, we believe so! Preparing meals fast and enjoying a delicious tradition is a simple way to feel the culinary pleasure that you know and love. When we create our cans and work on their flavour, we think about the moments that bring you the greatest eating pleasure.


We constantly observe the consumers’ dietary trends and strive to fully meet their expectations. Thinking about those who want to enrich their daily diet with plant products we have created the Z Gruntu Dobre product line. The fact that our vegetable delicacies, such as hummus, pâtés or cold cuts, have found their way to the hearts of even the most demanding vegans and vegetarians, has led us to expand our offer all the time, introducing more and more delicious vegetable items.